Membership NoVOS board

Membership in NoVOS board can be allowed to veterinary surgeons with experience, interest och expertise in orthopaedic surgery and related subjects. It is expected that a NoVOS board member has specialist competence in the subject and has done scientific work in the form of presentations, articles and education.

The members of the NoVOS board can suggest presumptive members and invite them to a meeting.

Membership NoVOS Forum

Veterinarian, interested in orthopaedic surgery, can become a member of the NoVOS Forum and get access to the closed pages of our web site. It is then possible to participate in case discussions and to send in own cases. There will also be information about future courses, congresses and conferences in the orthopaedic field.

To become a member of NoVOS Forum do as follow:

♦ Participate in a NoVOS Forum Congress.
♦ (Send your name and the name of your organization (animal hospital, animal clinic, institution) together with your e-mail address to us at ) Not possible for the moment; under investigation.

By creating an account you agree in that NoVOS uses your e-mail address for relevant information.

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